Miasto Rowerów, Ikar sp. z o.o.
Drogowców 8, 39-200 Dębica

The roots of our cycling activity date back to the beginning of the 90's. For almost 30 years we have been present in this industry, which means that we have managed to get to know it from the inside out. We witness many changes - we see changing fashions, technologies and evolving expectations of customers.

We started with traditional, small, family trade. In the meantime, many employees have appeared, new buildings, new technologies have changed. Only the key principle that guided us from the very beginning has not changed - that we will do everything to make the cooperation with us satisfactory for you as our customers.


B2B - Wholesale

We cooperate with several hundred recipients in Poland and Europe, which allows us to efficiently control stock levels and logistic minimum, so we are 100% sure that we can supply you with the expected product, because we have it physically in the stock of our warehouse.

Multi-channel sales

For your convenience, we conduct multi-channel sales (through an online store, a telephone service channel, personal sales and e-mail order processing) to deliver your orders as quickly as possible and without delay.

Availability of goods

All products offered in the shop are physically available in our warehouse. Unlike the competition, we do not sell "virtual" products.

Advanced warehouse and packaging logistics

Every day our warehouse leaves several hundred parcels - both small items (accessories and parts) and large orders (bicycles). Thanks to automated logistics processes and modern warehouse IT system (WMS) we have full control over the delivery of parcels to carriers at every stage. Just a few seconds after your purchase, the warehousemen receive an order to release the goods and then hand them over to the packaging department. There, after reverification, the parsel is packed and prepared for export.